Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

hey all!
I know its a long time that i wrote something again and then its only for following still, but i promise that soon there will beb a new blogpost <3

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see you!

Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

Weiden Center

hey dearies ;) todays Cologne Weather sucks so much so i decide to take a look in the Weiden Center, a little bit far place from Cologne Center. Its a really noble and big one! But still really nice because you dont get wet from the Rain xD!

Actually i only planned to buy microcell from Douglas. Its Nailcare to make youre Nails stronger! I have so much problems with my nails because the brokeing everytime ;_; so many friends recommend me this product, i hope its really works!

But then there was a Shoe Shope with the Name Goertz18...actually its a really expensive Shop but today they had i fall in love with nude Pumps from the Brand "AKIRA"

they look kinda like the Liz Lisa Shoes i wanted to buy in Japan TT But the Liz Lisa ones was too high so i dont buy them...then i saw this pair *_* the normal Price was 59 Euro then reduced to 24 Euro and THEN 20% because of Sale:20 Euro for this beautiful Pumps *___*

 this was the Outfit of today! Really simple but i wanted to try a mix with something dark like the boots and something cute like the Hoodie <3

Hoodie:Ank Rouge
Tights: H&M
Scarf:dont know

Detail View of the Hoodie <3 ahhh I love Ank Rouge!